Geocaching for the North West



PDF Files

Get your log books, cache labels and other consumables for free, here. It's advisable to right click and save these links.

Log Books

Micro Log Book

Standard Log Book

Stash Notes

A Stash Note placed inside a Geocache tells a muggle what the game is all about. Adding a stash note is proven to significantly reduce the possibility of a cache being muggled!

Farmyard Stash Note

Formal Stash Note

Muggle Notes

A Muggle Note lets members of the public (or maybe police) know exactly what you are doing, without having to explain the intricacies. Saves you having to write out web addresses to prospective converts, too!

Formal Muggle Note

Quadfold Muggle Note

Cache Label

This cache label is intended for placing on the inside of ANY lock-and-lock box. To use :

Print out full size, and fill in the blanks.

Place gently on the inside of your lock and lock lid, with the ink facing OUTWARDS (ie, through the plastic, so that it will be on view when the cache is hidden).

With a pen, draw on the INSIDE of the box around the edges, then cut to size.

Using decent glue, ie Bostik, Glue Gun, etc, coat the inside of the cache lid, then firmly press the ink side onto the glue, and let it set.

Camo Cache Label