Geocaching for the North West



Little Quest

Can you complete the LITTLE QUEST? Find a particular cache in every county to point you in the direction of the final cache.

Why "Little Quest"? Well, the final is a micro. No messing with big prizes, coins, cheating, etc etc, just a plain simple cache hunt and the pride of the find.

County List Expand [-]

Bedfordshire by Pharisee
Berkshire by Mr Dewdrop
Bristol by Captain Gore-tex
Buckinghamshire by Alibags
Cambridgeshire by Klever Boys
Cheshire by Foinavon
City of London by Master Mariner
Cornwall by Birdman
Cumbria by Golem
Derbyshire by Realmofchaos
Devon by Stuey
Dorset by Weary Banker and Bookworm
County Durham by Us4AndJess
E Riding of Yorks by ron9516
East Sussex by Tootsie's Trackers
Essex by Lavender Hill Mob
Gloucestershire by Midnight Ramblers
Greater London by Edgemaster
Gr Manchester by Muttoneer
Hampshire by Cache Hoppers
Herefordshire by T-Girls
Hertfordshire by HouseOfBoo
Kent by Lexski
Lancashire by Gingerbreadmen
Leicestershire by Alice Band
Lincolnshire by
Merseyside by HazelS
Norfolk by Galaxy Travellers
North Yorkshire by
Northamptonshire by Silver-Fox
Northumberland by G-Force
Nottinghamshire by Angellica
Oxfordshire by Philimore Clan
Rutland by Dakar4x4
Shropshire by Markandlynn
Somerset by The Morgan Mob
South Yorkshire by Steviep
Staffordshire by Dibbler69
Suffolk by Weston Wanderer
Surrey by Mr Dewdrop
Tyne and Wear by Alistair UK
Warwickshire by KandG
West Midlands by OldNickCov
West Sussex by Martybarfast
West Yorkshire by Jaz666
Wiltshire by The Wombles
Worcestershire by L8HNB

Setting a Little Quest cache?

If you are a county cache-setter, here's what you need to do.

    Label the log book

You will be given two numbers to write at the front of your cache log book. Please add them clearly, in the format below :


N 111,111
W 1,111

    Hide your cache
Hide the cache in your chosen location, within your county. Remember, the difficulty and terrain are up to you, but please keep the cache under one mile from the nearest access road. With the exception of the City Of London cache, all must be larger than a micro. You need to be able to maintain your cache quickly should it be needed. Please make it a prime location - somewhere that everyone in your county would be proud of! Remember, you are showing off your county to all those participating in the Little Quest.
    Create your cache listing

Start a new cache listing over at Your cache name needs to start LQ:COUNTYNAME, for example :

LQ:LANCS - Coppull Riverside Walk
LQ:GTR LONDON - Wharf Ramble

Once you have entered this info into the Nickname box, scroll down and enter the following information EXACTLY as it appears below :

    Related Web Page?

    Background Image URL

    The descriptions below are in HTML?


    Short Description

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

    Anything else?
Cache co-ordinates, difficulty, terrain, long description, attributes, etc etc etc are to be filled in by you. If all the text in your cache listing appears bunched up, this is because the listing is (correctly) in HTML. You need to type in <p> wherever you want a line gap. This will create a space on your cache page.